Enjoy the silence.

In the shade of majestic trees, you can relax in our outdoor swimming pool and leave all your thoughts behind.

Our park was created at the end of the 19th century, and during those days it was twice as large.

Many trees and plants are nearly 100 years old, among them the Cyprus trees, some palm trees and the hedge along the restaurant’s terrace. They offer shadow and protection from sun and blistering heath during the hot summer in Bolzano and are home to a variety of birds, whose twitter creates an idyllic acoustic background.
When the park is less frequented, you may discover even squirrels, bats and turtledoves.
The Park is situated at the back of the hotel, and the tall building protects the enclosure from the hectic street noise. Surrounded by hedges the park is completely “secluded” from the rest of the world. Soon you tend to forget that you are still in the hearth of a very busy town.
The outdoor swimming pool dates back to the 70ies, and is 1,80 m deep. However, the water treatment plant is state of the art and provides crystal clear water even on very hot summer day when the pool is very busy.
The outdoor swimming pool is not heated and therefore available from the beginning of May to the first days of October.
The pool is open from 06:30 for early swimmers and remains opened until 21:00 in the evening, except for Mondays, where an automatic filter cleaning procedure takes place from 08:00.
The pool will open again as soon as the legal water values are met again (approx. 11:00).